My Basket

What is the Basket?

The Alumasc Facades website contains some great functionality in the form of your own personal basket. When you see the basket icon on any page, you can add a document, CAD drawing, NBS specification to your basket, similar to using a shopping basket on an e-commerce site.

Why should you use the Basket?

You can add multiple brochures, datasheets, specifications etc. to your basket whilst visiting the site by pressing the basket icon next to the PDF, Word Doc, DWG file etc. from the sub-folder in the Downloads section of the site (accessed from the main menu).

The main advantage of the basket is that it allows you to email or download multiple files in one easy step.

Viewing files in your Basket

You can view your basket at any time by the pressing the 'View' button at the top right of the screen you are on.

Downloading from the Basket

When viewing your basket, you can download a single file or multiple files by selecting Download or Download All. You can now open and/or save these files to your computer.

Emailing from the Basket

When viewing your basket, you can email the files it contains to yourself and/or your colleagues or friends by using the email buttons. Multiple files will be added to a zip file as part of the emailing process.

Removing files from the Basket

The Remove All button will clear all the contents in your basket. This will also occur when you leave the website.

Registered Users

If you are registered user of the Alumasc Facades website and you choose to email files, the basket automatically defaults to your registered email address. To register, click here.


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