Traditional Brick Slips

Brick Slip Traditional EWI

Key Features & Applications


  • Alumasc’s patented Traditional Brick Slip system innovatively uses a preformed template mesh to assist speedy and accurate installation, achieving a premium quality and uniform result
  • A durable, lightweight system that is easy to apply, with minimal site handling required
  • Traditional brick slips can be cut on site to accommodate detailing requirements
  • Fully weather resistant whilst remaining vapour permeable and completely corrosion resistant
  • Highly resistant to impact damage


  • Traditional brick slips are extensively used as a hard wearing covering to areas of façade prone to impact damage or simply to match existing details retained after re-modelling and upgrade work
  • Can be used to complement Alumasc’s traditional render solutions and/or create feature bands
  • Suitable for application to most substrates, in low rise applications
  • Can be used as the facing for external wall insulation systems (fully compatible with Alumasc’s Swisslab and Swisspan EWI systems)


  • Alumasc Traditional Brick Slips are available in a range of standard UK brick colour and texture options
  • A standard range of mortar colours is available
  • It is possible to supply alternative brick slip colours/styles outside of the standard range subject to project size


  • Installed by a national network of Alumasc registered specialist contractors
  • The system requires minimal routine maintenance


  • Traditional Brick Slips

    Traditional Brick Slips

Quick Tip

What is the patented installation system?

Alumasc Traditional Bricks are applied using an innovative, preformed template mesh for quick and accurate installtion.

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