Swisrail EWI - NHBC

Swisrail 3D External Wall Insulation

Swisrail: NHBC compliant EWI system for use on framed buildings


  • An NHBC compliant, fully warranted system with an effective life in excess of 30 years
  • The Swisrail system incorporates a drained cavity via a support frame to give full NHBC compliance. A cavity is provided to prevent moisture penetrating to the underlying structure
  • The system is fully weather resistant whilst remaining vapour permeable and allows the fabric of the building to act as a heat store, increasing thermal efficiency
  • Swisrail eliminates cold bridging, condensation and mould growth and protects the structural fabric of the building and is resistant to impact damage. It is rated Class 0 for surface spread of flame and contributes to sound reduction within the external wall construction


  • Primarily suited to new-build construction types - NHBC compliant, tailored to lightweight frame construction
  • Buildings up to 6 Storeys – suited for unrestricted use; High Rise - suitable subject to Alumasc’s high rise policy


  • A choice of insulation thicknesses and materials are available, achieving very low U-values
  • Vertical steel support rails provide a 25mm gap between insulation and structure
  • Swisrail insulation options include Mineral Wool, Expanded Polystyrene and Cork


  • Render finishes include textured ST Silkolitt Silicone Render and ST Mineral Render which are available in a wide range of colours.
  • Alumasc Acrylic Brick Slips can also be used with Swisrail.



  • ST Silkolitt Silicone Render

    ST Silkolitt Silicone Render
  • ST Mineral Render K

    ST Mineral Render K
  • Acrylic Brick Slips

    Acrylic Brick Slips
  • ST Silicone Paint

    ST Silicone Paint

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