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Swisspan Phenolic

Key Features & Applications


  • The Swisspan EWI system has integrated rails to provide secure fixing and load transfer to underlying structure. The system is BBA approved and has an effective life of over 30 years
  • It is fully warranted when applied in accordance with the Alumasc project specification and installed by an Alumasc registered contractor
  • The system is fully weather resistant whilst remaining vapour permeable and allows the fabric of the building to act as a heat store, increasing thermal efficiency
  • Swisspan eliminates cold bridging, condensation and mould growth and protects the structural fabric of the building.  It is highly resistant to impact damage, rated Class 0 for surface spread of flame and contributes to sound reduction within the external wall construction


  • Primarily suited to building refurbishment where structure does not provide continuous support for insulation. Typically used on structural frames with non load-bearing steel or concrete infill panels and non-traditional house types such as Airey Duo Slab, BISF, Cornish, Crudens and Unity.
  • Buildings up to 4 Storeys – suited for unrestricted use


  • Insulation is mechanically fixed to a galvanised steel horizontal support rail system that spans between structural columns. A choice of insulation thicknesses and materials are available, achieving very low U-values
  • Swisspan insulation options include Phenolic, PIR, Expanded Polystyrene and Cork.


  • Traditional render options include M.R. Polymer Dashing, Plain and brick effect renders (Rendabrick). Contemporary options include ST Silkolitt Silicone Render and ST Mineral Render, which are available in a wide range of colours and textures.
  • Alumasc’s Traditional and Acrylic Brick Slips are suitable for use with Swisspan.


  • M.R. Aggregate Dashing Render

    M.R. Aggregate Dashing Render
  • M.R. Rendabrick

    M.R. Rendabrick
  • ST Silkolitt Silicone Render

    ST Silkolitt Silicone Render
  • ST Mineral Render K

    ST Mineral Render K
  • Traditional Brick Slips

    Traditional Brick Slips
  • Acrylic Brick Slips

    Acrylic Brick Slips
  • M.R. Polymer Plain Render

    M.R. Polymer Plain Render
  • M.R. S6 Masonry Paint

    M.R. S6 Masonry Paint
  • ST Silicone Paint

    ST Silicone Paint

Featured Project

Moss Bank - 2011Moss Bank - 2011

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