What is EWI?

What is External Wall Insulation?

An External Wall Insulation (EWI) system comprises rigid insulation boards fixed to the exterior walls of a property creating a ‘thermal jacket’, which are then over-coated with a weather protective, breathable, hard wearing, attractive render finish. This improves the building's energy efficiency.

EWI systems consist of an insulant, suitable beads and fixings and an attractive finish, usually a render or similar decorative coating.

What External Wall Insulation systems do Alumasc offer?

Both traditional and thin coat External Wall Insulation systems are available from Alumasc as listed below:

Swisslab - a market leading, direct-fix insulated render system for overcladding existing properties

Swistherm - a direct-fix insulated render system primarily suited to contemporary new build applications but can also be used for refurbishment projects

Swisrail - an insulated render system designed for use on framed buildings to comply with NHBC guidelines

Swisspan - an insulated render system used to overclad existing properties where the possibilities for mechanical fixing are restricted to structural elements





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