ECO Funding

ECO Funding

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

ECO (Energy Company Obligation) is a programme to improve energy efficiency and was introduced into the United Kingdom in 2013.

It is designed to give the larger energy suppliers a legal obligation to deliver energy more efficiently to their customers' homes by reducing carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

ECO is focusing on customers with a low income or who may be vulnerable. Hard to treat homes are also to be focused on.

Who is Eligible for ECO Funding?

There are three varied criteria types of legal obligation that provide funding from ECO, they are as follows:

Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO)

Funding for hard-to-treat properties that may not be fully funded.

Carbon Savings Community Obligation (CSCO)

Funding for areas that have been identified as low income by the Government. Rural Households will also qualify.

Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHRCO)

Funding for energy efficiency measures for consumers in the 'Affordable Warmth Group'. This includes low income, vulnerable households and those who recieve certain benefits.

If you need further information or guidance regarding External Wall Insulation Funding contact us by clicking here to find your relevant area manager.



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