Other Funding

Other Funding

Alumasc Exterior Building Products (Facades Division) is experienced at identifying and securing additional funding for refurbishment projects requiring External Wall Insulation. In the past, we have helped local authority, housing association and private sector clients secure a significant degree of funding towards their project costs, as part of the Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT), Arbed, and Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) funding; now defunct.

The main source of UK-wide funding for External Wall Insulation is now available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

Click Here for more information on Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

DECC - A new Energy Company Obligation

Arbed 2

A Strategic Energy Performance Investment Programme led by the Welsh Government. Available to housing associations within Strategic Regeneration Areas (SRAs) in Wales, Arbed is a community-based funding stream. The overall investment objectives of the arbed phase 2 ERDF project are to:

  • improve the energy efficiency of a minimum of 4800 existing homes in Wales by the end of 2015;
  • reduce a minimum of 2.54 KTC (Kilo tons of carbon) of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2015.

The arbed programme will continue to boost local economies by using local businesses to manufacture, supply and install as many of the measures as possible and provide training and employment opportunities for local workers. It will also contribute to eradicating of fuel poverty, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving the energy performance of homes in Wales. Arbed2

Warm Homes Northern Ireland

The Warm Homes Scheme is funded by the Department for Social Development to make homes warmer, healthier and more energy efficient. The scheme is for people who receive certain qualifying benefits and own or rent their home from a private landlord in Northern Ireland.

The Warm Homes Scheme is delivered on behalf of the Department for Social Development by Bryson Charitable Group and H & A Mechanical Services. Warm Homes NI


Nest is the Welsh Government’s fuel poverty scheme which aims to help people in Wales reduce the impact of their fuel bills. Nest offers a range of advice through expert partners, as well as a full home energy assessment and home improvements for the most energy inefficient homes – at no cost to the householder. Nest offers lots of free, impartial help and advice about benefit entitlement, making sure you’re on the right fuel tariff, managing money, and schemes across Wales that offer home improvements at no cost or low cost to you

Nest can offer a full home energy assessment and a range of home improvements – at no cost to you which can include solid (external) wall insulation. NEST

Landlords Energy Saving Allowance (LESA)

An annual tax allowance for landlords that make energy saving improvements to their properties. It can be used for each residential property rented out by a landlord, who can claim up to £1,500 against tax every year for the costs of installing external wall insulation and a number of other measures. LESA is available until 1 April 2015. LESA


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