Masonry Paint

MR S6 EWI Project

Applications, Colour Options & Installation


  • M.R. S6 Masonry Paint is suitable for use over precast-concrete, concrete blockwork, brickwork, renderings, calcium silicate
  • M.R. S6 provides the final decorative coating to M.R. Polymer Plain render applications, whether applied direct to the substrate or as part of the Swisslab and Swisspan Insulated Render systems.  


  • M.R. S6 Masonry Paint is available in 18 standard colours with other shades available to special order
  • Additional colours are only available subject to a minimum order quantity


  • For two coat application by roller or brush
  • Can be spray applied where applicable
  • The system requires minimal routine maintenance


  • M.R. S6 Masonry Paint

    M.R. S6 Masonry Paint


Can M.R. S6 Masonry Paint be spray applied?

Yes - M.R. S6 is suitable for spray application. Alternatively it can be applied in two coats by either roller or brush.

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