Polymer Plain Render


Key Features & Applications


  • A BBA approved, fully warranted system with an effective life in excess of 30 year when used over the Swisslab or Swisspan EWI systems
  • A durable, lightweight alternative to traditional sand and cement, with increased bond strength
  • Less susceptible to cracking and crazing than traditional plain renders and fully weather resistant whilst remaining vapour permeable
  • Highly resistant to impact damage
  • Class 0 surface spread of flame


  • Suitable for one or two-coat, painted application over most building surfaces
  • Used to coat large elevations and create feature bands around windows or doors
  • In addition to direct application to solid walls, M.R. Polymer Plain Render can be used as the facing for Alumasc’s insulated render systems (fully compatible with Alumasc’s Swisslab and Swisspan EWI systems)
  • M.R. Polymer Plain Render must be painted with M.R. S6 masonry paint to provide additional protection


  • 8 standard polymer cement render colour options are available which must be over painted with M.R. S6 masonry paint
  • 18 standard M.R. S6 masonry paint colour options available


  • Installed by a national network of Alumasc registered specialist contractors
  • The system requires minimal routine maintenance


  • M.R. Polymer Plain Render

    M.R. Polymer Plain Render
  • M.R. S6 Masonry Paint

    M.R. S6 Masonry Paint

Featured Project

Tarling Estate - 2007Tarling Estate - 2007

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