Silicone Render


Key Features & Applications


  • ST Silkolitt high performing silicone renders are highly water-repellent, vapour permeable and weather resistant
  • Manufactured from high quality silicone resin and UV resistant colour pigments, Silkolitt offers excellent durability from a thin system build up
  • Silicone renders protect against damaging solvents, acids and pollutants in the environment and have low susceptibility to soiling
  • Highly resistant to impact damage  and rated Class 0 for surface spread of flame when used as part of insulated systems 


  • ST Silkolitt silicone renders create a contemporary finish for new build and remodeling applications
  • Suitable for direct application to solid walls
  • Can also be used as part of an external wall insulation system (fully compatible with Alumasc’s Swistherm, Swisrail and Swisslab EWI systems)


  • The Silkolitt silicone finish is available with a rolled texture in 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5mm grain sizes
  • There is a wide choice of colour options


  • Installed by a national network of Alumasc registered specialist contractors
  • The system requires minimal routine maintenance


  • ST Silkolitt Silicone Render

    ST Silkolitt Silicone Render
  • ST Silicone Paint

    ST Silicone Paint

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